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Double Deuce Motorsports LLC - Marathon, WI
Greg Blount

You can reach Greg at (715) 218-8620 or

Greg is a military trained mechanic with a love for all cars. He specializes in building modified four cylinder race cars for himself and fellow racers in the Central Wisconsin area.

Greg has been in the auto industry for most of his life, and as a sales consultant with Cody’s Classic Cars he enjoys making your classic car dreams drivable. Double Deuce Motorsports also provides vehicle safety inspections, service & repairs, and vehicle transport around the Midwest.

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Collector Car Consultants, LLC - Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
Robert Rystrom

You can reach Rob at (469) 468-8000 or

Growing up in Northern Wisconsin, Rob caught the classic car bug early on accompanying his dad on his annual pilgrimage to the famous Iola Car Show. After helping his father go through old photos and finding pictures of his dad in his 58, 60, 62 and 64 Corvettes (all new at the time), Rob was permanently hooked, especially on classic Corvettes as one would imagine. Unfortunately, dad no longer has those Corvettes (the 64 fuelie being sold because Rob’s sister was born - a decision Rob vehemently disagrees with). However, Rob continues the family tradition owning a 68 Corvette convertible of his own.

After meeting Jon Cody in his college years and quickly becoming best friends, Rob has watched Cody’s Classic Cars become one of the most trusted classic car dealers with great pride. Rob currently resides in Frisco, TX, and with his local presence and passion for old cars, is able to assist clients and customers of Cody’s Classic Cars in the greater DFW area selling and buying classic & collectible vehicles.

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Heritage Classic Vehicle Services, LLC - Fond du Lac, WI
Denise Clumpner

You can reach Denise at (920) 979-9380 or

Ms. Denise L. Clumpner’s family owns and operates the Ogdensburg Garage in Ogdensburg, WI and while she was growing up it was a used car dealership, auto repair shop, and a Mobil Service Station. Denise began working at the family business at the age of twelve, and it was already apparent she’d been bitten by the “car bug”. At the age of sixteen, Denise purchased a high-mile, neglected muscle car and it immediately became her focus to make the car not only road-worthy, but show-worthy. After two years of labor on the car, she debuted the car at Iola ‘81.

Outside of her career with the Fond du Lac School District, Denise pursued her passion for classic vehicles and won numerous awards with her car, which she still owns today. She has added three more classic cars to her collection, with one currently undergoing a frame-off restoration with the engine rebuilt by Denise and her father, Harold. Denise has participated in literally hundreds of car shows (including the Blue Ribbon Concours at Iola and other “by invitation” events), attends SEMA regularly, has written articles for Old Cars Magazine, drives as a Long Hauler in the yearly Hot Rod Power Tour, participated in racing at several national events, participated in the AACA judging class, completed the Mike Phillips AutoGeek detailing class, the Richard Petty Race Car Driving Experience, and has appeared in numerous publications. Denise accepted the position of show car director for the Iola Car Show, which despite being canceled due to COVID-19 in 2020, enjoyed the highest number of participants ever in 2021.

In addition to pre-purchase inspections, Denise is able to do appraisals for insurance purposes, sales, estates and property division with a clear understanding of the differences. She also counsels her clients on the importance of properly insuring their vehicles, and about their choices for insurance. With over 40 years of vast experience in the classic vehicle hobby, Denise is a highly-qualified professional that you can trust with your classic vehicle inspections and appraisals.

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Auto Appraisers of the Upper Midwest - Shorewood, MN
Jim Simondet

You can reach Jim at (612) 201-1854 or

Jim is an appraiser with many years of experience, and is able to appraise vehicles for a variety of reasons such as pre-purchase, insurance, divorces, estates, museums, charity donations, etc. He has vast experience in this industry and has built and restored many cars in the last 50 years. Jim has owned over 400 vehicles since one day at 14 years old, his dad brought a car home and said, “You have 2 years to finish this!” He began working with 2 other appraisers and then took a class at the University of Minnesota on appraising cars, trucks and motorcycles, and now serves as one of the advisors for the NADA Price Guide. He confesses that he may not be an expert on every single vehicle, but he has the proper experience and knowledge to provide an honest and thorough inspection and perform an in-depth market analysis based on detailed research. He is committed to providing an honest and unbiased opinion in each and every appraisal. “Setting the standard in appraising classic & investment cars & trucks.”